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We here at Female to Female know about the special issues that can occur
in a same-sex lesbian relationship. We are devoted to bringing you insightful
articles and content to help you develop your personal lesbian
relationships to their full potential, creating a more meaningful and
rewarding relationship with your partner in life and in love.

Each month we bring you new articles and information on lesbianism,
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Facing Your Parents - How To Come Out The Rise of Lesbianism on TV Lesbian Icons - Who Are the Top 5?
For many lesbians it's incredibly difficult to come to terms with the fact that you are a lesbian...more> Less than two decades ago, there were only hints of lesbianism on TV...more> The definition of an icon is an object of great attention and devotion, sometimes known as an idol....more>
Lesbian Symbolism - Never Be Confused Again! Lesbian Relationships The GLBT Agenda & Other Discriminatory Myths
Do you remember your first gay pride? ...more> Unlike a heterosexual relationship, a lesbian relationship provides more freedom than restrictions. ...more> There have been many things on my mind since George Bush took office in 2000....more>
Sexuality Harassment - Protected by the Law or Not? Growing up Gay or Lesbian: The Woes of Gay and Lesbian Teenagers Health Hazards for Lesbians
Whether you are "out" at work or not, employers and fellow colleagues can harass, discriminate, and victimize you ...more> Being a teenager is difficult enough....more> The lesbians are known to suffer from a greater incidence of diseases than straight women. ...more>

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