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The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Agenda & Other Discriminatory Myths

There have been many things on my mind since George Bush took office in 2000. Since Bill Clinton left office we have seen a decrease in freedom. This isn't just a GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender) issue. People have experienced a removal of artistic freedom, freedom of speech, and even freedom of religion. Some days I wonder if it is even worth it to live in this country when you cannot even go outside without being afraid of violence for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered. Of course, even heterosexuals have to fear violence on the basis of race, religious beliefs, and their political affiliations.

The Right Wing is responsible for all of this hatred. A lot of it is directed at the GLBT community and pro-choice supporters. However, I am not saying it is all conservatives. I am a FTM (female to male) transgendered individual who grew up in a small town in Ohio. The town I grew up in was anti-gay. You also could not be non-Caucasian, non-Christian, or friends with anyone who fit into these three 'outlawed' groups. Otherwise, you were publicly ostracized. I grew up with the kind of people I speak of.

I digress, not all Republicans are guilty of such hatred or discrimination. It is also not the fault of all religious individuals. Rather, it is a sector of both the Right Wing and the religious, those we call the fanatics that are responsible for such reprehensible treatment towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals. It is these individuals I blame for the lack of freedom. It is these individuals I believe are poisoning the minds of children, moderate voters, and anyone they can make listen to their lies.

How do they do it though?

The answer is simple. They twist around our words, motivation, and our pride, using it to persuade the ignorant, unknowing citizens that are so easily swayed by their lies. They speak of a gay agenda, how we support things like incest and bestiality, and even have the nerve to say we are a threat to the children of America.

I have wracked my brain endlessly trying to understand why people would believe these things when they seem to be illogical and untruthful. What is this gay agenda that they so often speak about? Why didn't I get the memo with the outline detailing our plan for such an agenda? Is it because I'm transgendered as opposed to gay or lesbian? As thus, does this also mean I'm being discriminated within my own group simply because I do not have any type of agenda, nor did I hear of one before the fanatics mentioned there was one?

The gay agenda does not exist. We do not have a plan. We do not want to convert your children. We do not want to convert you. We are not trying to pervert the earth. In fact, the vast majority of GLBT people I know would much rather keep their sexuality on the down low. They prefer to just live life without making incessant references to who they have sex with. However, they also dream of a time where they can marry the love of their life. They dream of a time when it won't matter who they love. It will be accepted. They dream of a time when their children and partner will be protected in the event of death or injury. For now, that is but a pipe dream, since gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people cannot marry, nor can they adopt jointly in most states. Wills can be contested, and even written directions cannot insure your beloved receives everything they should when you are deceased.

If there is a gay agenda, and believe me I am sure I would know if there was one, it would be the most logical agenda out there. If we call what we are fighting for an agenda then it is the belief that we are treated equally, without discrimination. Plain and simple, that is our agenda. We deserve the right to marry. We deserve the right to protect our family just like everyone else. If this is wrong then any views that are similarly held by heterosexual couples should be considered wrong as well. (For more on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered rights and anti-discrimination laws, please visit our sister site at http://rainbowclause.com)

There are many lies that have been spread to try and prevent laws from being passed that allow for GLBT protection and equality. I am going to address some of these discrepancies.

Gay/Lesbian Marriage is just a prelude to incest, bestiality, and polygamy being legalized

The vast majority of gay and lesbian people do not support the belief that incest or bestiality is okay. In fact, probably far less on a whole than the straight community. You can hardly compare having sex with animals (which is an evil and abusive act, and completely non-consensual on the part of the animal) to a loving, consensual relationship between two rational adults. Comparing incest to GLBT relationships is not logical either. Incest is outlawed because it is incredibly dangerous to the offspring of the married couple. Developmental disabilities and hemophilia are high risk to name a few of the more common disabilities that can occur in children of incest-based relationships. Additionally, incest is just plain morally wrong. So, it is not common for anyone, gay or straight, to support incest in any form. Besides, the most unattractive thing in my mind is the thought of my brother and I getting married!

Before you argue that gay males spread HIV/AIDS - so it is just as risky as incest - you need to check statistics. The highest risk group for HIV/AIDS is actually African-American females that are heterosexual. So, heterosexuals are just as likely to get AIDS, if not more, as those in the GLBT community are.

As for polygamy, I believe the numbers for both heterosexual and homosexual couples that believe polygamy should be legal are near equal. The difference is that polygamy is a choice and (dare I say it?) homosexuality is NOT.

Homosexuality is a Choice - Therefore, they are allowed equal treatment. They can marry other heterosexuals.

Is it okay to enter into a loveless marriage (that will probably just end in divorce) because we aren't being true to who we are? Attraction and love are not choices. Homosexuality is not a choice - any more than heterosexuality is. We do not choose to love and feel attraction to those whom we do. Anyone who claims they chose to love their spouse is a either a damned liar, or very ignorant to the reality of the situation. You often hear it was "love at first sight" or "I just knew she/he was the one". The same is true for GLBT couples. We just know it is right. So, it is not as equal as it is purported to be since we cannot marry the man/woman of our dreams.

When I met my girlfriend, Ashtyn, I knew that she was going to be the woman I spent the rest of my life with. For the first few years we were friends since she was straight and didn't understand her attraction to me. At the time I was not yet in transition. However, once she and I actually decided that the relationship was worth it, regardless of gender or what others thought of 'us' we entered the most fulfilling relationship either of us has ever experienced. Not only is she my girlfriend/partner she is also my best friend. This is something I believe is lacking in many couples - whether they are gay or straight.

If being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered was a choice I don't believe any of us would be in the GLBT community. It is not worth it to experience hatred, oppression, fear, discrimination, and even physical violence. So many gay teens commit suicide because it isn't a choice for them. It is who they are and they hate themselves for it. As a teen I remember that hatred. I remember crying myself to sleep knowing I was 'different' and wishing I could be 'normal'. It took years to accept this, as I have realized my happiness is more important than listening to those who do not even comprehend what it is like to be GLBT - yet feel the need to tell us how we 'should' feel. I could no longer stop feeling an attraction to a person of the same sex as I any more than a heterosexual could stop feeling attraction to a person of the opposite sex.

Every Relationship has to have a Male/Female aspect to it.

This is so not true. I know two very feminine lesbians that have an incredibly successful relationship. When I came out to my mother (I initially stated I liked women not men though I was not sure why [since I didn't understand the complexity of being transgendered at age 16]) her first question was who was the guy and who was the girl in any relationship I had. This was the ending to nearly a month of her screaming at me and telling me how terrible I was that I had to like women.

I was confused at first by the question. I just thought, at that point, two women were two women. At the time I assumed I'd be the male since I think I already subconsciously knew I was transgendered. Yet, I questioned why it had to be this way. I think it is less apparent in gay males then in lesbian couples. However, I don't see why this should even matter since the right wing does not trust us to have children, or even be around them. So, why present heterosexual ideologies when we aren't straight? Or, in an essence, are transgendered individuals 'straight' in the sense that they are 'trapped' or 'bound' by a physical body that doesn't meet their individual needs; wants; preferences; and desires? Or, based on a 'religious' aspect, could our souls be of one gender, and the body they possess of another?

Gay/Lesbian Marriage shouldn't be allowed because it has always been a straight institution.

Some of the very first 'uniting ceremonies' of ancient times were the joining between two men or two women. The Isle of Lesbos was infamous for its lesbian couplings. Males were typically bisexual in nature. Alexander the Great was closer to his male best friend, Hephaestion. It is rumored they had their own private 'wedding ceremony' at one point in their lives. The Far East is known for same-sex ceremonies, and even the Native Americans of the United States expressed deep bonding between those of the same sex.

Gay Marriage has had a prominent place in the world for as many years as Heterosexual Marriage has been around. At one point, the Catholic Church used to perform same-sex marriages. It was not until the last few hundred or so years that gay marriage and homosexuality in general has been viewed as immoral or unethical in nature.

Gay/Lesbian Marriage is dangerous to the future of the world

The first problem with this is we have an overcrowding problem in the world. The population of this planet continues to grow - and grow - and grow! Second, the heterosexual community far outweighs the homosexual community. You cannot catch being gay like you can catch a cold. So, this is one of those frivolous statements meant to put fear into the ignorant minded individuals who believe everyone is going to turn gay and the world will stop being populated.

Gay/Lesbian Marriage is dangerous to children. They will see being gay or lesbian as acceptable if it is allowed.

Intolerance breeds intolerance. Children are less tolerant if their parents openly show hatred for GLBT individuals. My son, who is eleven, came home one day, upset because his friend was called a faggot. The connotations associated with such a word sent the boy into a tirade where he started punching the other boy and screaming he was not a faggot. The implication that anyone is gay is so terrible to a child. Luckily, we've tried to teach our son, who has expressed his love for girls numerous times, tolerance is important. We've also tried to express our support no matter who he loves. For now, he believes he wants to marry a girl, but if he were to come out later we'd support him unconditionally - because that is what a parent should do.

Children, as a whole, are more tolerant if they are raised by GLBT parents. They also seem to be as well adjusted (if not more) than children of heterosexual couples. The American Pediatric Association believes there is no risk for children's mental and emotion well-being and health as long as they are raised by loving parents - no matter what their parents' sexual orientation is. Their studies conclude that children of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered parents are also no more likely to become GLBT, themselves, as are the children of heterosexuals.


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