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What to Get the Lesbian That Has Everything!

If your partner's cupboards, shelves, and trinket boxes are crammed with jewelry, perfume and clothes and she only eats chocolate on rare occasions then you probably dread every year when her birthday comes around. No doubt you wrack your brain for weeks on end to try and think of something that she hasn't got, but to no avail. If you want to see a look of astonishment on your partner's face this year then why not think outside the box of standard gift-wrapped presents and buy something truly different, or something that will make a difference.

We've scoured the net and put on our thinking caps to make your life a lot easier. In this article you will find five unique gift ideas. Even the most difficult of lesbians to buy for won't have all of these!

1. Adopt A Star

An ever popular alternative gift idea is known as adopt a star. If you partner has her head in the clouds, or enjoys star gazing, then this is the perfect gift for her. Adopting a star isn't as difficult as it sounds either! There are lots of sites online that offer star adoption. You simply pay a fee to adopt a star for a period of normally 1-5 years. Then your partner will receive a gift certificate stating which star has been adopted in her name, some facts about the star, and where to find it in the night's sky. We can't think of anything more romantic than lying out under the stars with a bottle of champagne and a midnight picnic just so you can catch a glimpse. This could be the perfect days end to a perfect gift!

2. Adopt An Animal

Calling all lesbians with animal lovers for partners! This gift idea is just shouting out to you! If you already have three cats, two dogs and a rabbit then there doesn't seem like much point in adding to your menagerie on her birthday. If you live in a tiny apartment or you have an allergy that prevents you both from having pets then this is the perfect solution.

There are thousands upon thousands of animals in the world that are endangered. Nowadays you can adopt a wild animal and support their life in the wilderness for a year, or so, by donating to a charity of your choice. This is known as adoption and in general terms your partner will receive an adoption certificate, a picture of her adopted animal, and regular updates on its progress.

If you know that she loves dolphins, or gorillas, then the animal choice should be easy! If she just loves animals as a whole then why not pick a cute and cuddly animal such as a Panda, or one that matches her personality. If she is forgetful, or heavy footed, then maybe an elephant will be a humorous choice!

3. Charity Donation

Another great gift idea to consider is an actual charitable donation. If you know that she always tries to donate to AIDS awareness or breast cancer charities as regularly as she can then why not pay for a more substantial donation on her behalf?

In some situations you can actually specify where you would like your donation to be used. For example, instead of just paying a few pounds or dollars every months straight to a charity - and having no idea what the money is used for - many will offer you a choice of gifts. As an example, you could make a donation in your partner's name to go towards raising awareness of AIDS amongst children in Africa, or towards building a home for children who have lost their parents to AIDS. Just choose whatever pulls at her heart strings the most and she will love you all the more for making so much effort.

4. Activity Day

If your girl is a tomboy at heart, and is the kind that often imagines herself in the driving seat at the Grand Prix, or flying her own plane, then an adventure day will provide her with lasting memories. Add to this the fact that you bought it for her and she will love it all the more.

There are a huge range of activities you can book online. You can arrange a rally driving day; tank and truck driving; quad biking; a day's flying lesson; hot air ballooning; and many, many more. Just conduct some online research, make a shortlist, and pick the one that suits her most! It couldn't be easier than that!

5. Pampering Day

If you have more of a feminine girl on your hands - who loves treating herself to manicures, and hair treatments, and the odd massage - then why not buy her a pampering gift? It's amazing just how many health spas offer one day, or weekend, pampering packages for massages and facials. Most of them even include free use of the their facilities, including the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, so take a look online for a health spa near you. If you're not sure which package she would enjoy the most many of them will offer gift vouchers.

You will also find a number of top hair salons that offer gift packages. If your partner loves keeping up to date with the latest hair styles and colorants why not treat her to an all expenses paid day at the hairdressers for a head massage, cut and color? Not only will she come home feeling great, but you'll also get to benefit from her stunning new look and her boundless appreciation!


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