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Health Hazards for Lesbians

The lesbians are known to suffer from a greater incidence of diseases than straight women. The lesbians are at a greater risk of suffering from breast cancer as the incidence of the breast cancer greatly reduces in case a woman becomes a mother and does breast feeding, but as lesbians more often than not don't bear children and hence don't breast feed children they make themselves more prone to breast cancer. Also there is a general reluctance on the part of the lesbians to go to doctors and get themselves tested for cancer. There can be various reasons for this such as the fear of being misunderstood in case they reveal their sexual orientation or they might just not feel the need of getting tested due to a low awareness level.

The lesbians are also more likely to have cancer as a result of their increased smoking. It has been observed by a few researchers that lesbians have a greater probability of smoking than the straight women. The reasons that are cited for this are the norms prevalent in the society that happen to be discriminating against the lesbians and the need to always mask one's sexual orientation. All these factors coupled together result in a lot of psychological stress and the lesbians take to smoking and alcoholism as recourse or an escape route.

Some of the health hazards that the lesbians need to watch out for are depression and anxiety. Getting ostracized at times or meeting familial disapproval can take their toll on the self-esteem of the lesbians, but the way out is not to be in dumps. Instead it is advisable to meet the challenge head on. Get yourself involved in a lot of activities. You can also be a part of some stress busting courses like yoga or meditation that go a great way in dealing with stress.

The lesbian women can also contract certain sexually transmitted diseases in case they don't practice safe sex. The sexually transmitted diseases that are known to affect the women, both lesbians and the heterosexual women are Human papillomavirus (HPV), Trich, Herpes, Syphilis, HIV and AIDS. However the lesbians should take precautions such as enquiring about the past of her partner. In case you happen to be unaware of your partner's past then you can indulge in activities that don't involve the sharing of your vaginal fluids.

The answer to facing these health hazards lies in choosing a healthy and a stress free lifestyle. Choose to stay healthy by adopting a healthy diet regimen, leading a physically active life, drinking moderately, having safe sex and last but not the least, being proud of all that you stand for.


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