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Lesbian Identity

Lesbianism, as contrary to the popular belief of sexual attraction, is more about immersing love between women. The social structure formulated by the society from the dawn of civilization has failed to give lesbians a sole category of their own for the benefit of their cause. The expression of love between two women has always invited a heated argument from the male gender. It needs a dare devil task to explore one's sexual orientation and expressing the same to the family and friends, who would never be ready to accept the lesbian identity. Fear, excitement and confusion can be traced in the behavior patterns of the lesbians who are not able to relate their lesbian identity to the world.

Lesbian women are sometimes termed as gay. The attraction between two women is not necessarily sexual in nature; it involves emotional attachment to a great extent. The common perception that lesbians are inferior to straight women and immoral to some extent has been the perception of the masses. In fact, accepting the lesbian identity can turn to be a blessing for you, rather than a curse. Lesbianism is a natural phenomenon that generates the idea of wholeness and completeness of womanhood. It is a continuous struggle to identify with fellow lesbians in the universal dominating world. Lesbians have been denying their natural instincts due to the fear of contradiction and retaliation from the straight individuals. Lesbian identity can be treated as the most joyful or painful experience, as per one's discretion. There have been times when lesbians have been forced into marriages with the opposite sex, only to ruin their own life and the life of their partner, whom they would never be able to accept.

Ignoring this aspect of human culture would not serve any good to the mankind. The need of the day is to understand the problems this segment of the society is facing and provide a positive solution to their problems. The more they are neglected, the more it would hamper their self-esteem. The external environment can change the negative perceptions prevailing in certain religious institutions and other orthodox segments of the society. If the current system of discriminating lesbians continues, the mainstream lesbian movements would bring these issues in the forefront. The issue of lesbian rights has been addressed time and again by different voluntary organizations and the time has come that we accept this aspect of human nature without any counter approach.


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